[BUG] Review with two teams as CODEOWNER not removing second team

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to report a bug on GitHub, but I was directed here from this, and did my best to choose an appropriate Category.


Setup CODEOWNERS with two teams for a particular area of the application:

/sql/ @freckle/ops @freckle/databasers

Open a PR in that area.


A team member from each team should be automatically assigned, replacing both teams on the PR.


A team member from each team is automatically assigned, but only the first team is replaced. The second team remains on the PR.

Leaving that second team on the PR means all members of that team see the PR as an active request and get notifications on it, rather than just the round-robin-assigned member.

Notes / Commentary

At first, I thought it was just expected that review from two teams as owners didn’t work, and would only automatically assign from the first listed team. However, the fact that it gets it half right (it assigns a user from each team, but only replaces the first) indicates this is likely a bug.


Thanks for opening this! Before we look into this further, can I get you to confirm that both teams have exactly the same settings for this feature? There’s a step-by-step here:

Wow good call! You’re totally right that we had our settings wrong:

That totally explains the behavior, it’s doing exactly what we said to do.

I’ve now fixed it:

I’m curious, since we have some members who are on both teams, does GitHub attempt to avoid picking the same person in both round-robins?

I’m pretty sure the process screens out users who are already named reviewers (which would include the one named in the 1st round robin selection).

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Sick. I don’t know how (or if I should) “close” a thread, but this is solved.


You can always select the most helpful response as a “solution” (it’s the :ballot_box_with_check: near the :heart: at the bottom of the reply) - that’ll make it quick for someone else with the same problem to find their fix!

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