[bug] REST API for releases missing Link

The rest API is missing a Link in the header; even though it had one up until about a day ago. This has broken the setup-cmake action, which used to use the “next” in the Link to access pages. Try something like:

curl -I "https://api.github.com/repos/Kitware/CMake/releases"

There is no Link in the header.

See chore: bump checkout version by henryiii · Pull Request #22 · jwlawson/actions-setup-cmake · GitHub for the broken TypeScript-based action, which in turn has broken the CI for pybind11 and other packages.

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We are encountering the same issue on GitHub - digital-asset/daml: The DAML smart contract language.

:wave: Welcome! @cocreature and :wave: @henryiii

Thanks so much for letting us know. It should be fixed now - can you let us know if you’re still seeing problems with this?

Thanks @canuckjacq! The issue has been fixed for us now and we get the expected response including pagination headers again.

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Fantastic, thank you! Yes, it started working again yesterday.

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