[BUG] Rerun workflow API not working


I tried to re-run a previously failed workflow by consuming the actions API https://developer.github.com/v3/actions/workflow-runs/#re-run-a-workflow. But the workflow has not started to re-run instead, it is getting stuck with the cancel workflow button. So, it looks like it has the workflow has started… I have authenticated by using default inbuilt github action token

It is showing Queued in the Actions tab like the below screenshot.

Could you please tell me If I am missing something?

Thank you in advance

Hi @ibakshay
As mentioned in the document: You must authenticate using an access token with the repo scope to use this endpoint. github action token does not include repo scope, so please create a personal access token with the repo scope.

Thanks @niconbw !

Even granting that, the behaviour depicted looks like a bug. I would expect the request to re-run the workflow to fail if the token doesn’t have sufficient access, but instead it succeeds and leaves the workflow stuck in the state shown.

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