Bug report: GitHub API returns incorrect IP address ranges for GitHub Pages

The /meta endpoint returns IP address ranges. The pages element is below.

"pages": [

This is incorrect: the ranges and are not hosting GitHub Pages but instead are for github.com. Additionally, they are not listed in the documentation for GitHub PAges IP address ranges (Managing a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs).

Hi there;
I can not understand exactly what you mean.

If you have a GitHub repo it will be helpful if you share the link.
Anyway if you have a website hosted at GitHub pages and want to set a custom domain on that.

To set the desired domain in GitHub, you can use the IPs mentioned by GitHub:


For example a DNS setup at Cloudflare is like this:

Then I tried to better understand what you mean:

There are many different sections on this API response. The reason some of them are weird may be that they are related to GitHub enterprise. (I guess, or internally)
You should refer to Section “pages”.
There you can see the IPs that correspond to GitHub Pages.

Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply!

Sorry if I was somehow unclear. This is unrelated to other sections of the meta/ API response or to GitHub Enterprise.

I get the same response as you do in your screenshot. Two of the elements in the list are wrong. Specifically, the ranges and should not be returned as they do not correspond to GitHub Pages.

The documentation for GitHub Pages does not mention these ranges (correctly) (Managing a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs step 5).

The API is returning incorrect data.


The GitHub API is still returning bad values even after the IPv6 update.

This bug affects anyone who builds GitHub pages using the IP address ranges advertised by the API. This includes all Terraform users who use the data.github_ip_ranges data source. The impact is that the page fails to load ~1/3 of the time.