Bug Report | Can't see own packages in Github GUI


I experienced strange bug. For last few days I played with Github Actions powered by own Docker image via ghcr.io. I did read the docs and setup one action that build and push container and the second action that uses created container. When I try to list my containers (or packages at all) in my private repository, there are no items but links to docs.
url: https://github.com/KGrzeg/<repo-name>/packages image[1]

But… the container exists. The second action work well and easly pull image from repository. In addition, when my teammate opens the same URL, he can see the list of containers. He shared with me the url to the specific container (`https://github.com/KGrzeg//pkgs/container/ image[2]) and I can see the details about container.

There are no way to find this page if nobody (who can see the list) send me the url.

If I look to Github Settings, the Billing & plans tab, it says there are 0GB used for packages transfer, but should be propably greater than 0.

As new user I can not attach more than one image, so I merged two images referred earlier:

What is happening here and how can I fix it? I think, it is a bug on the Github.com site.