[BUG] Release event "prereleased" not firing/working if the release was previously a draft


On github If I create a draft version of a prelease and the go back to publish it later it is not picked up by my workflow.

name: Prelease bug

    types: [prereleased]

    name: Test
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - run: echo "hello"

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to https://github.com/<username>/<repo>/releases/new
2. Fill out release details and tick the “This is a pre-release” checkbox
3. Click “Save draft”
4. Navigate to the releases tab on gibhub to see your drafted release and click “edit”
5. Click “Publish release”

What happens:

My workflow does not run

What I expect to happen:

My workflow to run

Additional information:

This happens when the “This is a pre-release” checkbox is ticked before a draft is saved. If I create a draft without ticking the box and then come back to the draft to publish and tick the box then all is fine and my workflow runs 

Hi @malimccalla ,

Thank you for reaching this out!  This is by designed. As doc mentioned:

Hence, for your step3, no workflow is triggered for draft release.

For your step 5, no operation to tick the ‘prereleased’ checkbox, the action type is actually ‘published’.

I add all activity event type in yaml file and confirm in github context:


For your additional information test, the action type can be ‘prereleased’.


It’s recommened to use github context to check the detail action type.

Hope it clear and helpful!

@weide-zhou Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was just a little confused as the release released event does still fire if the drafted release is not a prerelease. Thanks for your help.