Bug? Project not showing network dependents

:wave: @lelelelelez Hello again, and thanks for sharing that additional information with us! I apologize for the late reply, but I wanted to touch base here and let you know that I’m personally looking into this and will relay this over to our engineers for review. If we have any other questions that would help us investigate this further, I’ll be sure to follow up.

@lelelelelez - I’d like to follow up on this. I’m not sure that I understand the issue you’re describing. When I navigate to your project’s Dependency Graph tab, I see that three of the four dependencies are recognized. The one dependency that is not recognized is paddlebot. We render a ghost icon if a specific dependency cannot be found. I suggest updating your requirements.txt file to either update or remove that particular dependency if you’d like to not have it rendered in that way.

If I’ve misunderstood the issue at hand, please feel free to follow-up with additional details and we can review it again and take the next steps. :v:

hi @francisfuzz
I have send mail to github support. they helped me solve this issue
thank u very much


I face the same issue in basically all of my python packages, e.g. https://github.com/MrMinimal64/timezonefinder.
Interestingly in some cases an amount of dependents is indicated without the specific dependents being listed.
How can I contact the GitHub support via email?

@francisfuzz I have the same issue in one of my repos here. It used to show like ~20 dependents and now it shows zero. At first I thought maybe it was due to some change in the structure of the dependents (moving stuff out of setup.py for example), but for it to happen to all of them at once seems too weird. Has this been solved any more systematically in the last several months?

@rgerkin - Thank you for reaching out –– I’m sorry for the delay on my part. I’m checking with my team tomorrow on this and will follow up as soon as I hear more from them.

@rgerkin - My colleague and I reviewed the contents of scidash/sciunit–checking the Insights tab’s Dependency Graph sub-tab, it detected a requirements.txt file as well as a setup.py file.


  • requirements.txt is empty, so no dependencies are rendered (expected).
  • setup.py is not empty with one dependency listed (setuptools), but it’s not rendered (not expected – this is something we’ll need to follow up with our engineering team on).

Those two files are supported formats; were there any other files that you were expecting to see in the Dependency Graph? In addition, would you have another example of a public repository that you’re seeing this behavior in? Linking to that repository as well as the specific files would help us investigate on our end.

@francisfuzz We switched to setup.cfg and pyproject.toml a few months ago (as other projects are beginning to) and setup.py and requirements.txt are really just there for some backward compatibility with old tools.

But I don’t mind not seeing the dependencies (which I imagine would be tool-specific and maybe you don’t support the newer packaging styles yet), it is the dependents that bother me more because it is a way of measuring the use of my project in the wild. So for example:
hippounit/setup.py at 5e9ea6e3a4dacd60e7c543dbfd312d8d62991517 · KaliLab/hippounit · GitHub has sciunit listed as a dependency, and ASSRUnit/requirements.txt at d7b9812fe78d7f1d82f707fd3429cebcf1732f9b · ChristophMetzner/ASSRUnit · GitHub has sciunit listed as a dependency, and there are about 20 other repos that I know of that list sciunit in either their setup.py or requirements.txt or both. But none of these show up in the dependents list for sciunit (they used to) so I’m wondering what happened.

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@rgerkin - Thanks for sharing that additional context – that’s immensely helpful for our engineering team investigating this. I have yet to receive any actionable input from them since this was reported, but I’ll be sure to follow up once I get word from them again.