Bug: Project Activity list's "More"-Button broken

Each project board has an activity feed, which is shown below the menu (hamburger menu on the left).
When scrolling to the end of this list, a button labelled “More” is shown.


  • There is a project board with a sufficient number of activities on it, so that above mentioned Activities list is long enough to have a “More” button.

Observed behaviour:

  • When clicking the “More” button, the button changes to “Loading more” and new items are appended to the list, but starting from the first activity again. E.g. if list is “Activity #1, Activity #2, Activity #3”, after clicking on “More”, the list is “Activity #1, Activity #2, Activity #3, Activity #1, Activity #2, Activity #3” (thus the same list twice).

Expected behaviour:

  • When clicking the “More” button, the list should only be extended by missing (older) activities.
    E.h. list “Activity #1, Activity #2, Activity #3” becomes “Activity #1, Activity #2, Activity #3, Activity #4