[bug] PR edit permissions not working on fork of fork

First of all, I find it ridiculous that GitHub removed all proper ways to report a bug, and is instead shoving people into community forums. At least have a way to tag topics as bug reports or something.

There seems to be a bug where maintainers don’t have the permissions to make changes to pull request branches, even though the “Allow edits by maintainers” checkbox has been set. I have been able to make changes to pull requests in the past (to correct spelling errors etc.), but today is the second time I observed it failing, and the common factor is that, in both cases, the pull request branch came from a fork of a fork of the upstream repo, instead of a direct fork of the upstream repo.

Here’s a short description of the issue I faced today:

  • I’m a maintainer on XboxDev/nxdk
  • dracc forked XboxDev/nxdk to dracc/nxdk
  • Voxel9 forked dracc/nxdk to Voxel9/nxdk
  • Voxel9 created a pull request from Voxel9/nxdk to XboxDev/nxdk (#413)
  • Voxel9 has the “Allow edits by maintainers” checkbox set on his pull
  • I can’t push commits to Voxel9’s pull request, even though I should be
    able to.

The exact error message from Git is:

ERROR: Permission to Voxel9/nxdk.git denied to thrimbor.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

ftr, I checked out the PR with hub pr checkout 413.

Experiencing the same issue. irungentoo/toxcore was forked into TokTok/c-toxcore and all the development has moved into that new fork, so the devs that previously sent PRs to irungentoo/toxcore are now sending them to TokTok/c-toxcore. However they send them from their user’s irungentoo/toxcore forks, which somehow prevents TokTok/c-toxcore maintainers from modifying those PRs.