Bug or feature? No way to create Pull Request using github website using Windows Vista?

Short verssion: looks like no way to create pull request using github website using Windows Vista?

Longer version: Yes, I know IE, Opera, Chrome and Firefox current versions do not support Vista.

The specific problem is two-fold: “Checking mergeability… Don’t worry, you can still create the pull request.” stays forever, and “Create Pull Request” button does nothing which is a problem.

I’ve tried to find _any_ browser which would support Vista. So far I was able to find Lunascape6 - I know, a weird one - which allows to use WebKit rendering engine. GitHub does not show an “unsupported” version message yet still - same issue “Checking mergeability…” hanging and same “Create Pull Request” button does nothing.

Hi @rusefi,

Unfortunately, to keep up to date with current security protocols, GitHub is only guaranteed to work on the most current browsers which means that you might be out of luck when it comes to finding a browser that works with Vista specifically.

Sorry that I couldn’t give a more heartening answer.