BUG: Notifications, selection text doesn't update when clicking done

When the notifications page doesn’t have any selected notifications, then the text above the notifications says: Select all

When the checkbox is clicked on the left side of a notification, then the “Select all” text changes to: 1 selected
and three buttons appear:

  1. Done
  2. Unsubscribe

  3. Clicking on the ellipsis button shows a list with:
    • Mark as read
    • Mark as unread

There are also Done buttons on the right side of each notification.
The button appears when the mouse pointer is moved over a notification.
The button looks like a checkmark.


When the Done button to the right on a notification is pressed, then the selection text doesn’t update.

It still says: 1 selected

But the top Done button, to the right of the 1 selected text, does reset the selection text to: Select all


The selection text should update when the individual notification Done button is clicked.

It needs to decrement the selection counter (or show “Select all” if only one notification was selected), since there might be other notifications that were selected at the same time.


After clicking the individual notification Done button, and the selection counter remains.

Now the selection counter doesn’t match the number of visibly selected notifications. Selecting or deselecting notifications increases or decreases the counter by the expected amount. But deselecting all of them individually, returns to the post individual notification Done button press.

The counter can be reset by clicking the [-] button to the left of the {nr} selected text.
The first click selects all notifications on the current page, and a second click deselects all of them, which restores the default text: Select all