[BUG] New "Contributors" section does sometimes not match the "Contributors" tab under "Insights"

Not sure how bugs fit in this category, but a staff member said that this was the proper place so I’m posting it here.

The new small Contributors section sometimes lists contributors that are not listed on the Contributors tab under Insights. The expected behaviour was for the new section to list the same contributors as listed on the Contributors tab under Insights.

Below are screenshots from this project.

The new Contributors section

The Contributors tab under Insights
I was going to past an image of this tab here, but the new user limit is preventing me to, so you’ll have to go to the project and take a look at the tab yourself. The tab only listed TropicSapling and tolopolop as contributors.

The account mytopdog is listed in the new section, but not on the tab. mytopdog has made 1 commit: https://github.com/TropicSapling/P-plus/commits?author=mytopdog. However, that commit is just a merge of changes from the main repository into a fork, which didn’t result in any new code once there was a merge back from the fork into the main repo. The only new code merged into the main repo was from tolopolop. Perhaps it also helps to know that the 2 accounts mytopdog and tolopolop are both owned by the same person, and he probably accidentally switched between the accounts.

I had to remove some links due to the new user limit as well, but just ask me if you need more links or info and I’ll reply with it :slight_smile:

Hi TropicSapling!

This behavior is because of how merge commits are treated. The front page will display all users that have any commits present on the default branch.

The contributors section of the repository insights, however, does not count merge commits. (It’s mentioned here.

Now that the contributors mentioned on the front screen are much more visible, it’s causing a bit of confusion that the numbers don’t match - we’re currently discussing what to do about that, and I’ll show your report to the team!

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I see. Thank you :slight_smile:

I followed the guide here:


And scrubbed a faulty user(its another one of my own users) from my commits in my repo. I see no merge commits of this user anywhere but it still shows up on the front page. (The user did disappear from repository insights,)

This was yesterday, but waiting a day did not solve it.

Hey @Ghilt! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

The front page relies heavily on cached data - if you let me know which repo you’re talking about I’ll clear its caches!

Ok! Thanks, it was the repositories FractalView and Rabbit

@Ghilt - I’ve refreshed those repos, you might need to clear your browser cache to see the results!


I followed the Change Author Info guide as well to remove a contributor who appears on the main page without any commits on the current branches. Could you clear the cached data for MEAnalyzer repo as well?

I’ve done that for you @platomav!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: .

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Hi @yamiacat!

I’m sorry to bother you (and to dig up this thread) but I’ve just made exactly the same mistake.
Would you mind clearing the cache on mt32-pi for me?

EDIT: GitHub support took care of it really quickly - sorry to bother you! :pray:

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Hello @yamiacat Can you please refresh my Sorting-Searching-Algorithms . Actually, Insights -> Contributors is not listing all the contributors who have contributed to the project. And at the main page of the repository, all the contributors are showing up. But not in case of Insights -> Contributors.

May I please have some help on this? I want to add the contributors ASAP.

@parthpandyappp - I’ve queued a rebuild of the contributors page, which may take up to 24 hours to run.

Please note that the contributors page does not include merge commits, whereas the front page does, so it is expected behavior for the numbers to be different.

If after 24 hours you have some users who have non-merge commits in the default branch and they’re still not showing up on the contributors page, let me know who they are and I’ll investigate.

does this mean that my contributions won’t show?
I have forked a repository, created two branches and later sent a 2 Pull Requests to the original repository (main branch), they were both merged into the main branch by the owner.

If I understand correctly then my contributions won’t show on insights (only in the recent contributors on the main page.), is this correct?

I have followed the steps from here.

If not, can you please tell me the right way to go about it?

Thank you in advance

Hi @LeandroC89 - it depends on how your pull request was merged! There are several options:

You will get contributions for any of your commits that end up on the root repository’s default branch. If they squash merged, that would unfortunately mean none of your contributions would exist on the branch.

If they used any other merge method your commits would exist, and you’d get contributions. (Although it might take 24 hours for them to show up.)

Thank you, that seems to have been what happened.

Best Regards

I’ve been thinking about this and was about to ask it on reddit since I can get a bit of user feedback there but it makes sense here.

Anyway, won’t this be harmful as it is? I’ve made 2 separate PRs so that a fix could be accepted separately from my feature addition. From the owners point of view it makes sense to squash both so it’s all added at once. As result I appear under the recent contributions but on on the insights.

I can see how this will become an issue by itself as from now on I’ll either be making multiple additions/fixes under the same PR (not the best practice) or submit a PR only when I see that no other is pending approval (therefore slowing down the contributions and needing the owner to actually merge one by one instead of checking multiple PR’s at once).

It is likely that anyone who has experienced this will also follow this practice which in turn hurts the whole process.

And from a personal point of view it is sad to be able to contribute to that library you’ve been using for a while (which is in itself an accomplishment) and not even showing up on the contributors page, regardless if it was a major or minor addition.

I’ve notified you on this comment since you mentioned it being in discussion, this way I hope you’ll be able to pass some user feedback along.

As always, thank you so much for your help and for being active on the topic.

Best Regards

Edit: An example of what I mentioned above is someone submitted an issue which will probably be fixed soon, if I want my next commits to count then I’d have to wait until that fix is pushed before pushing my additions. Otherwise I’d just risk it happening again, in time this will slow down the rhythm at which contributions are made.

@LeandroC89 - there is no one correct way of doing this, I’m afraid. Different project maintainers will have different ideas about what’s the best way to maintain their git history. Some will insist on squash merges. Others will want to do rebase merges.

A squash merge just squashes all the commits in one particular PR into a single commit. If you make 2 separate PRs they will be handled separately, and if the repo admins use squash merges, they will result in two separate squash merge commits.

(Repo owners could theoretically decide to interactively rebase their repo and squash everyone’s work from multiple PRs into a just a handful of commits, but that is quite an extreme workflow, and not very common, I don’t think.)

There’s no need to “submit a PR only when I see that no other is pending approval”. That won’t get you any benefit.