[Bug] Missing output (stderr) from action run

I’m running a Docker Github action which in this case results in an error an appropriate message being printed.

However this important message is missing from the parsed log.

Example: https://github.com/Flamefire/s25client/runs/682872393?check_suite_focus=true

Expand the “Formatting” node and see that the first printed message starts with “usage: run-clang-format.py” and no other output is shown

Now open the raw log (https://pipelines.actions.githubusercontent.com/rJZXGyMx0DPiJ1uuZOVUzJH5mFZ5flbMm8uZtBjQquT4PzUNKW/_apis/pipelines/1/runs/14/signedlogcontent/3?urlExpires=2020-05-17T14%3A57%3A49.7161030Z&urlSigningMethod=HMACV1&urlSignature=mRC%2BFoU1ZvMWi6APsmFTtD%2Btwdj9GIlkPMeb6rX5Hhw%3D) and observe that another message actually exists:

2020-05-17T14:56:16.7680142Z run-clang-format.py: error: unrecognized arguments: [...]  

Having such messages swalloed by GHA makes itz extremly unreliable as usually people rely on the parsed output and rarely look at the raw output

Hi @flamefire ,

I notice the error is displayed on the action log, could you please help to confirm?

If the workflow logs do not provide enough detail to diagnose why a workflow, job, or step is not working as expected, you can enable additional debug logging, please check the official doc here for more details.


Yes now it is there. But I can swear it wasn’t there when I reported this. Will take a screenshot next time…

Maybe it was fixed in the meantime or it was a random fluke. Anyway, thanks!