BUG: Kotlin code highlighter in GitHub code preview

A simple endpoint matcher “/**” makes the rest of the code look like a comment.

class ApiKeyAuthenticationFilter(
    authenticationManager: AuthenticationManager
) : AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter("/**") {
<here everything is greyed out>

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Do you have more information about where you’re seeing that? I just tried creating a file with that snippet in it (file extension .kt) and I didn’t see code being greyed out.

Useful as well to check and see if you’re seeing the same thing here:


We use GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0. Do you know which version of Rouge is used for syntax highlighting there? In the v3.26.0 I can’t reproduce the behavior. I’ll attach a screenshot of the piece of code:

I’m sorry I missed your reply here.

It turns out I was wrong - we use Rouge for GitHub Pages syntax highlighting, but we use Linguist within GitHub.

For Kotlin, Linguist uses this grammar:

You’ll be able to open an issue there.