Bug in Pull requests?

Hello, colleagues, i have a strange situation, looks like a bug.

I have a repo forked from other ones.
Now we want to merge our branches, but meets strange issue.

Then i create pull request, all .cpp files into it become Binary(!), and it’s not possible to compare it with older version.

Why this happened and how to avoid this irrational behavior?


@T-Troll Thanks for your feedback.
Tested in my side, it might be an encoding issue, Git works best with utf-8, if the encoding is in something like utf-16, Git will think it’s binary. So you could try to git clone the repo to your local, and then open those .cpp files, save as utf-8. Then git push those changes. After that it should be able to compare when you make changes to those .cpp files.

The result should be like this.

Thank you, i configure out already - it’s UTF-16 in file.
And it’s quite hard to fix - you need to do it at BOTH sides, and sometimes have broken file at recoding.

Why no UTF-16 support - another good question. As far as i see - with no answer at the last 10 years.