Bug in Github seacher?


I’m trying to searching for: filename:milu* extension:c in Github. I expected to find among others, several repositories that contain the file “milu3.c”. However, in the Github results there is no file called milu3.c. Then, when you search by filename: milu*, what does that * include? Is it a Github but? Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance,

You don’t need to use the * when specifying the filename search operator. The filename search operator will already look for whatever text you specify anywhere in the filename, including in the extension. So if you’re trying to find a file named milu3.c, you can search for filename:milu extension:c.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for your reponse. If I search for filename:milu extension:c, github does not return any file named milu3.c. If I search for filename:milu* extension:c, neither. So, How can I include those files in the searcher? Is it s bug?


It does, however, return a number of results that show that the search behaves as I describe. Is there a file named milu3.c somewhere in a public repository on that repository’s default branch that you’re trying to find that isn’t showing up in search results? If so, can you link me to where it is?

Thanks again for your response @lee-dohm. There are three repositories containing a file named milu3.c that not appear in seach results. Two of them are: