Bug in get page viewes API?

Since the last Gihub issue which was fixed on Dec.27, the get page views API not returning consistent values. Accordign to the documentation this api should “Get the total number of views”, so this numbe should only increase if you fetch data every X hours.

I am fetchign data from this API every hour and sporadicly it returns “counts” or “uniques” less then I got previosly, e.g at 8am I see 100 viewes at 10am I see 80 viewes.

the link is the get a repo, where is the one you are referring to the API for the traffic, I cannot see it,

you are right, the link was wrong, here is the correct one:

edited the orginizal message.

do you get the same result at GitHub Web? by looking at the traffic?

take note also this timestamp,

Timestamps are aligned to UTC midnight of the beginning of the day or week. Week begins on Monday.

not exatly the same but close enough, in Github UI I do see that the “total viewes” decreased over the last few days, attaching screen shot from insights → traffic window

if ever for example, in a span of 2 weeks, the display is moving too, right, so for example the last day 12/21 will not be displayed tomorrow UTC, so in that case that will really change the count,

if you have 100 views at 8am, it can be different at 10am (it can even be 0), considering it’s just for 10am, just like the span of 2 weeks at GitHub Web

Got you.
My mistake was see it to as a total number of viewes since the creation of the repo, but it the number of viewes in the past 14 days.

yup you can create your own script to have the total views, that’s why it was provided as endpoints,

say, for example, in JavaScript, for every 2 weeks it will add the views, so you can keep track of the total views,