[Bug] Graphql v4 search api related to is:open


I’m trying to query all open pull requests from the specific repository which are open, approved and state is success. I have done that with search api, here is the query string:

repo:MY-REPO-URL-HERE is:pr is:open review:approved status:success

I have tried also another way, instead of is:open to use state:open. Although I have pull requests which are satisfying query requirements, I’m getting empty response. When I’m deleting status:success query works as expected. When I’m changing status:success to status:failure query works as expected. Interestingly when I’m chaning status:success to status:pending I’m getting results which I expected to get with status:success

Can someone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong ? Or maybe there is known issue related to status:success with Graphql v4 api? I have tryed to find any information related to that but without any luck.


If you believe that this is a bug specific to GraphQL, what were the results when you executed the same search through the GitHub UI?

Hi @lee-dohm , 

Thank you for your response. I’m receiving same results with GitHub UI. As I understand by GitHub UI you mean GraphQL v4 API explorer.

Hey @hovox,

Thank for the follow up here! I think what @lee-dohm is asking is about results on GitHub.com?

As @andreagriffiths11 mentioned, I meant typing the search into the search box on https://github.com. Because if this is a bug specific to the GraphQL API, then I would not expect the same results on the GitHub search box. If they give the same results, then either the behavior is intentional or it isn’t specific to the GraphQL API.

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Hi @lee-dohm .

I have tryed search in github ui. The query should show one result. Interestingly it shows that there is a result but when I go into issues, it shows no results, it also shows one result for languages, and when I go into languages section, it shows pull request as expected. Here is the screenshots attached.

Can you give the exact query you’re using to get this result with the repo name redacted? I’d like to try to reproduce what you’re seeing.