[BUG] GitHub website does not work in Pale Moon


I use the browser Pale Moon, a firefox derivative. I’ve been experiencing some issues on the website where various buttons don’t work - in particular the “choose a license” dropdown when creating a new repository, where none of the licenses can be selected, only the text can be highlighted, and the button for connecting a Github Community account to a Github account do not work in Pale Moon.

Opening webtools there’s an error reported:
TypeError: window.customElements is undefined chunk-vendor-7b3e99b8.js:149:22495

Which might be relevant.

There’s a topic on the Pale Moon forum discussing the issue and some workarounds, but the user-agent change it suggests hasn’t got things working for me, unfortunately; Github still seems to be deciding to use whatever Chrome feature.

Hello @jamespicone :wave:

Thanks for sharing your concerns here in the Community. While there are developers that prefer the Pale Moon browser, GitHub does not support any browser beyond the ones listed on our Supported Browsers

You are welcome to leave your feedback about Pale Moon support with our Product team.
You can do so by submitting this through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request.

You can also keep an eye on our Changelog as well as the GitHub public roadmap to see features we are working on.

I think you, the Github team must open
source Github so the bug-squashers will do pull
requests for bug fixes and tinkerers will tinker
and seriously, even if github stays nonfree,
you could easily do better at supporting as many
browsers as possible