Bug Github cuts of rest of file

An example: General/Registry.toml at 9d7c1ca18a75dab49f7dde0c2abb146d36db5a91 · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub

“6167 lines (6165 sloc) 543 KB”

scrolling down I only see up to line 5676.

If I view the source I see more lines, so this doesn’t seem intentional. Nor is it a browser bug, as confirmed in Chrome too (actually Chromium), with a fresh profile, otherwise I use Firefox.

[If you do not want to show all the lines, then more user-friendly would be to say at the end something like “not showing rest of file”. For that one I tend to search for stuff and was puzzled at first not finding stuff I knew should be there, and it wasn’t at first obvious why.]

Not related to the bug itself:

This is my first time reporting a bug for Github (I even made an account just for it) I googled it and was lead to believe I should go here (to appropriate category) and it wasn’t obvious where.