BUG: GitHub Action pages causes High CPU Usage

I have a sensative laptop that doesn’t like much CPU usage.  So it tells me immediately when something is chewing on the CPU by spinning up the fans to insane dB levels.

Over the past 3 days (I’m new to actions over the last 3 days), that has been the GitHub Actions pages, according to Chrome’s Task Manager when a build is in progress.  E.g., feedback to give the Live icon status.

The “Overview” page that lists the current and previous build history hovers around 60 to 70% (on a six core) usage at all times when a build is in progres.

The “Build Log” page that shows the continuous scrolling page pegs 120% (on a six core) and hovers around 100% most of the time.

For comparison, the “PR” status page hovers around 5% when waiting for the status to update. Jenkins “build log” pages hovers around 8%.

I really wish there was a way to “disable” the live status pages.  Or, lower it down to a simple Gif check every 5 seconds or something, like the PR pages do.


Thanks for the detailed report!

For clarity, when you say Overview page. That’s the Actions tab, such as https://github.com/actions/setup-dotnet/actions?

Yes, that is correct.  When first clicking the “Actions” from the navigation bar.  :slight_smile:


(this is a forked repo and will go away when PR/actions is merged)

Thanks! I was able to recreate the problem. Filed an issue to get it fixed.