Bug: File Finder input field focus on Firefox

Hi GitHub support team, I’d like to report a bug in the File Finder feature.

When browsing the site on Firefox while logged in and typing the letter t to look for a file, the file list appears but the cursor is not focused on the input box to write the file name.

Screenshot_2020-11-25 ckan ckan

Repeating the same process when not logged in shows the expected behaviour (ie input box gets focused after typing t)
Chrome shows the expected behaviour both when logged in and when not logged in.

So to sum up:

  • Firefox + Logged in = Bug (input not focused)
  • Firefox + Not Logged in = Works (input focused)
  • Chrome + Not Logged in = Works (input focused)
  • Chrome + Not Logged in = Works (input focused)

Many thanks


I would like to upvote this issue. Was able to reproduce it with the same summary as the original poster:

  • Firefox + logged in = bug
  • Firefox + not logged in = works
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I’m seeing the same behavior. Firefox + logged in results in the loss of focus on the file name input box

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As if 2020-12-03, I’m no longer seeing the error anymore.

Logged in, Firefox user, press T -> focus is good

I can confirm it works for me too. Marking as fixed, thanks!

edit: I can’t edit the title to add [FIXED]