Bug: edit comment + close review = edit lost

dear github

i lost some bytes to a bug in the github interface
what i did was

  1. go to a pull request
  2. start editing a comment
  3. close a review

closing the review triggers a page reload, and the comment edit is
lost, without warning

also the “close review” button is not always visible …
probably just a few seconds after i start the review, after a page
reload - minimally irritating

Hey @milahu :wave:

I’m so sorry for the delay in response to your post! Though I’m wondering about the language used here. In particular you quote a “close review,” button. Is that a specific button, or are you speaking somewhat loosely?

Though it is unfortunate that you lost your work after performing a certain task… :cry:

To make sure that there isn’t actually a bug, I’d love some more detail around your flow, with perhaps a screenshot of the problem area.

I’ve already tried following your steps and requested a review of myself and started editing comments, but wasn’t sure how to reproduce the behavior.

Any further detail you could provide would be most welcome! :bow:

not sure how i got the “close review” button
maybe a different user must start the review?

my point was
the “close review” function should use ajax
to avoid changing the page location