[BUG] Details link is inconsistent for checks reported by GitHub Apps

Example: https://github.com/tox-dev/tox/pull/1272#partial-pull-merging

When you scroll to the bottom and look at the box with status reports from integrations, there’s a Details link. My app reports a check called " Timeline protection" via Checks API.

This details link is supposed to take the user to the Checks tab in the PR (https://github.com/tox-dev/tox/pull/1272/checks?check_run_id=159224582).

Sometimes it works properly, but often it links to the app installation page (https://github.com/apps/psf-chronographer) which is weird.


I’m unable to reproduce the problem you’re describing using the example link you provided.

Are you still experiencing this issue?

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I’m having the same issue. I have a GitHub App that creates check runs. The check runs have a output field and there I supply some additional information. I do _not_ supply the checkrun with a details_url, as I want the output to be visible in GitHub.

Sometimes all check runs in my check suite will have a details link directing to the home-page of the GitHub App (https://github.com/bobvanderlinden/check-reporter). Other times a link to the actual check run details page is used: https://github.com/owner/repo/pull/1234/checks?check_run_id=163078825. This last case is what I always intend to happen.

What is also interesting is that the checks and their output/details do always show up correctly in the Checks tab of a PR.

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It is still broken

Do you still have this problem? I’m seeing this issue as well.

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The problem is solved for me. I think the problem was that I created a check suite myself, whereas GitHub also creates a check suite for my app automatically. I can imagine that the incorrect details link was happening because the checks suite was manually created after the check was submitted.

That said, this is all speculation. I can close this report for me, but if this is still a problem for others I can leave it open, as my fix was the result of not understanding the documentation well enough.

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thanks .

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Yeah I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but for now I’ve explicitly set details_url to undefined.

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I do not create check suites, only check runs: https://github.com/sanitizers/chronographer-github-app/blob/04c024e1c4b7642c1cdcc3d70a9880cb285f0696/chronographer/event_handlers.py#L160-L169. And it’s still happening sometimes.

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Ahh - be aware if you use the Refined Github browser extension, there is a setting that may cause this:


Now I’m facing the opposite problem where I want the user to skip the GitHub Checks screen but it’s not (and I am supplying a details_url).

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Good point. I do use it. But the question stands: why is it inconsistent? Also, I think I also saw this behavior in an incognito session and some HTTP response in DevTools.
OTOH disabling this feature in Refined GitHub fixes it for me.

I guess another real problem is that my app links its installation page via details URL and that’s where Refined GitHub grabs it from…

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