Bug - Comments mention notifications not sending in Scheduled Reminders Real-Time Reminders

Hi, when using the Scheduled Reminders feature and enabling Real-Time Reminders, I have the “Someone mentions you in a comment” option enabled like this:

However, when someone comments on an issue and tags me with @IronSean I am not getting github notifications. Others on my team are experiencing it as well.

I would expect “Someone mentions you in a comment” to apply to all comments on github (issue, code comments, PR comments, etc) but at least with issues it appears to not be working.


Hi @IronSean! Our partner over in support, Anna, shared that you had submitted a ticket + reached out via the forums so I wanted to close the loop for you - and post this publicly in case anyone else encounters a similar issue. There was added content regarding a slack integration so that is addressed here as well.

Just as Anna shared, “At this time, Scheduled Reminders is a feature targeted towards pull requests. We don’t currently have an integration that enables @mentions in issues to notify Slack.”

“However, we do have an open internal discussion to see if we can get this feature added. I can’t say if or when this feature will be implemented, but recommend keeping an eye on the GitHub Blog and the GitHub public roadmap to stay up to date with new features.”

Also, just as an FYI, since you are an enterprise user, it might be helpful to note that there is no SLA for submissions to the forum. We don’t respond to all the posts here like a ticket queue, rather we hope that users can help support each other by answering questions, in an ideal pay-it-forward way. Our team is dedicated to sharing information on trending issues we’re seeing + driving engagement to make this a healthy, active forum full of knowledge sharing and skill-building.

That was a lot, but I hope it helps! Thank you for being a part of the GitHub Community :tada:


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