Browsing Starred Repos doesn't show 2nd page in list when 'Next' is pressed.

Quite bizzare that there’s not a git hub project for git hub itself and I’m guess that the ‘Conversations’ is the place to report bugs.

‘Starred Repos’ is failing to show me more than the first page, after pressing the ‘Next’ button I get a message telling me I don’t have any starred repos - at the same time that the banner shows I have 200+. I am sorting by ‘Recently Active’ if that makes a difference.

See attached screen shot.


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Hey @mungewell, maybe I can help you here!

I’m not having any issues browsing your starred repositories from my account. Does logging out then back in help? If not, could you give using Incognito mode a try? :) 

Let me know how it goes


Confirmed failure(s) with Chrome on Windows and Firefox on Linux, both in normal and porn mode.

The fault only happens with ‘recently active’ setting, if I use ‘recently starred’ I get to see the 2nd page. I see the same fauly behaviour if I select a random GitHub user and browse their stars with ‘recently active’.

My usage of the Starred Repos is to review which projects have recently done/added cool stuff, so this bug is a pain.



for example, this URL fails:


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Hey @mungewell,

Yep, when I sort by  Recently active I’m also finding your results. Here, I’d suggest you reach out to the awesome folks over at GitHub Support who’ll be able to help some more backstage! Just send them a message here:, and make sure to paste a link to this thread into your message so they can see what you’ve already tried and that I can also reproduce :) 

Thanks for your keen eyes!

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He isn’t the only one with this issue, as I along with several others who have posted in my own thread about this issue are having this same issue with when viewing “recently active” for any user the second page always shows that there are no starred repositories.

Hey there @journeyover

Thanks for that. Does logging out then back into GitHub help? If not, what about using an incognito window?

If it’s still not working, I’d suggest you get in touch with the folks over GitHub Support if you haven’t already. They might be able to help some more backstage and pass on the issue to the right teams at GitHub :smiley:

Just let me know how it goes.

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No it does not help, neither does incognito mode on top of that it doesn’t matter if it’s on a computer/phone/tablet or what have you, everything pretty much results in the same problem.

I’ve already reported the issue a month ago and again several hours ago, but I’ve yet to really hear anything from support about the issue since I’ve first reported it…

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I hear you @journeyover!

Please keep me posted on if GitHub Support gets back to you - I’d really love to see this resolved :slight_smile:

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Hi @journeyover,

We are glad you are here! 

Thanks, @timrossback for your help troubleshooting! 

@journeyover, I see that our support team responded to you and although they do not have an ETA for a fix, they will keep you updated. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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That’s pretty much what they said last time i reported this but I never got any updates or anything. I really hope this does get fixed eventually as I rely on sorting by recently active so I can easily see what repositories die out or are recently updated or what have you.

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Same situation for multiple weeks now. Pretty annoying.

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Been like this for over a month and a half or so now… sadly I haven’t heard anything new from my reports on said issue. Honestly I don’t think they are even working on trying to fix this…

Wish that a lot of the projects I follow was on gitlab as I’d honestly switch in a heartbeat at this rate.