Browsing artifacts?

On other CI systems (:o:) when artifacts are saved, they can be browsed via the UI. For example, if one saves a directory of test coverage results that contains HTML reports of those results, then all of the HTML is fully navigable without having to download a package and working with it locally. According to that is not the case with GitHub Actions’s artifact support. Is that true? If so, are there plans to add direct navigation of artifacts?


Would be great to have this functionality!

For the moment I guess the only solution is to upload HTML files somewhere to the github pages or some private page with password protection (github pages doesn’t support that, ehh).


Bump, I’d like this, and for the same reasons: code coverage (and other testing results) can show up as HTML, so having to downlad them and unzip them before viewing is just annoying.  Or even just let us specify the Content-Encoding that the artifact hands back when browsed to?  Then we could generate images, etc.  For the HTML case we could say ‘use Content-Encoding: text/html’ or even gzip it ourselves and use ‘Content-Encoding: gzip’.


Bump, for the same reason

Will not happen probably, due to : Need clarification on GitHub Actions