Browser automation: recognition of new telegram web messages and conversion into javascript function on another Website


I want to create a browser add on (it can be a “simple” code too if that works) wich recognizes a new message in a telegram Group and converse it to a java script funktion wich will executed on a other website.
There a 4 Different types of messages in this group: (Which is about trading signals)

  • Open Position (includes: Var: Buy/Sell Var: Stock(Dax,Dow,EUR/USD, etc))
  • Close Position (includes: Var: Stock in open positions(…)
  • Set StopLoss (includes: Var: Stock in open positions(…), VarStopLoss= X
  • Text (ignore)

Close Position:
"ICH SCHLIEß GOLD:exclamation:EK: 1730.83:exclamation:1.042€ GEWINN :tada::money_mouth_face::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend: Glückwunsch an alle Gewinner :+1: Hier kannst du mittraden: (h ttp:/ /t iny.c c/cfdt rader)

Open Position:
:vertical_traffic_light:LIVE TREND:vertical_traffic_light:
Hier traden: htt p://ti n dx trade
Ich wähle den maximalen Multiplikator :information_source:

Set StopLoss:
“Ich setze den SL bei DOW auf 26326

Im trading on

Do anyone have any idea how to start with this project?
Does this work with only Java Script?
If dont have much experience in programming.
If you need some more information just tell me ^^

Thanks for your proposals.