Brother it didn't even work

Dark high contrast mode didn’t even work or do anything

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High contrast mode didn’t work for me either.

Can you please provide more information so GitHub can reproduce it, e. g. Screenshots, links, browser, OS, used browser extensions

I also suggest you a descriptive title to get faster and better help.

I’m pretty sure the just pressed enable but they didn’t go to settings > appearance to enable it there.

same here. no changes at all. FF 89.0.2 for MacOS X

The Pop Up From the “Feature Preview” has a bug that doesn’t Enable/Disabled it.

Furthermore, going in Sett.>Appearance and enabling it and testing around, my opinion is :

The Default Dark mode is contrasted and dark enough, and having the dimmed version appeals to everyone.

A Tip/Suggestion that came to mind :
→ When adding darker modes, always let it a notch to the “warm side” of colors.
It tends to be in the idea of “night modes”, so no cold/blue tones. ( I compared with Dark Reader extension. )

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You have to go to your profile settings

same problem - very excited to see it when it works.

for the devs information i’m on ubuntu and using chromium

dark mode didn’t work