Broken repository in latest version


I wonder if anyone has the authority to roll back a repo to the previous version.

In this case, the mod, the admin, or whoever owns (is that the right word?) the project, introduced changes that in the latest version/release break the software.

I’m not going to mention any names here. I don’t necessarily want anyone to get into trouble. Suffice to say that the project in question is fairly popular and has existed for many years.

It is defunct as of about 10 days ago, because a maintainer, perhaps unwittingly , added code that broke it. What can I do?

Note: I reported it as an issue (#150) yesterday in the main branch of the repo, however it goes beyond an issue.


If the code in some repository is broken, raising an issue there is what you should do. Fixing it (or not) is up to the people who own the repository.

What you can always do on your own is to use an older version instead of the latest commit, and possibly branch from there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for replying with a smiley face. I’m trying to see the lighter side. A year and half ago I made some contributions to the project, when someone else was maintaining it. Importantly we discussed PRs first before implementing.

On Github the project has been there for a long long time (without giving too much away).

It is a shame to bear witness to the end this way. But I agree, older releases are available. :slight_smile: