Breaking change to `watching` query parameters


I’ve written an app that relies on the Github API: It’s been working great for months but a user has just reported an issue that I’ve traced back to an unexpected change to the API.

I rely on a query that takes the current viewer and retrieves all of their watched repos, here’s a simplified example:

query {
  viewer {
    watching (last: 10) {
      edges {
        node {

This previously returned a list of all the repos the viewer watches across Github. However, it is now only returning repos where the viewer is an owner or collaborator. My user reported this change happened around a month ago.

I can see that the docs for watching now includes an affiliations parameter which states “Affiliation options for repositories returned from the connection. If none specified, the results will include repositories for which the current viewer is an owner or collaborator, or member.”. There is no option that will allow all the viewer’s watched repos to be returned. Unfortuntely, this breaks the behaviour of my app. :frowning:

Is this an intentional change? Could it be changed so that if no affiliations parameter is provided, all watched repos are returned regardless of affiliation? Or could “ANY” be added as an affiliation option?

Thanks, Rick

Bump! would be cool to get a reply on this, thanks