BrEaCh Of GnU LiCeNsE AgReEmEnT - Selfish lying Copy and paste Programmer

Hi Guys,

Over lockdown I decided to try to learn programming, and I have done pretty well, I can read and understand, and pretty much copy and paste, I managed to put together 3 unique websites, and compile a bootloader and start a firmware on a device I hired engineers to develop.

the reason i had to teach myself, is because I have had 100% of my engineers try to steal my clients from me, but they lack the vision I have for my products, and will never take the product to its full potential.

my software engineer, name negated in hopes he turns his ways the Vagrant King of no monarch paralleled, decide to try take me for a fool, which is an upgrade from his kingly self disposition, he never prepared me any handover documentation, nor did he leave me with useable software, he purposely gave me the wrong passwords to my firmware, and they stole my main uplink server. looking at his PHP code, man did he take the long road around everything, and so illogical, he had no clue how to effectively use Node.js or a kubernettes to make his life easier, besides the fact his communication to the server and from server to field device is illogical and a waste of resources, basically i paid him R1 200 000.00 for an incomplete product, and on top of it he teamed with my Electronic engineer, teamed up behind my back, i have no doubt my client approached them first, my client proceeded put me on a cashflow slow and tried to liquidated my company, over a period of 2 years thankfully they did not know that deep down I am Puk, the mischievous pixie king lol

anyway, I Binwalked my binary files and found very badly structured firmware, but he repo’d mdbed libraries, Hal libraries as well as Mbed Hal repo’s, so according to the license agreements, would he not have to make the firmware opensource? which is not what I paid him for?

who do I report him, who can help me put him in his place, he is an arrogant little shiet, if you read his remarks to me, they are absolutely, to say the least, childish, disrespectful, especially wrongful in every sense, I gave him his first big programming job, coached him in my experience of 20 years on my business, of which i see he still used his own way in certain areas of communicating, and above all he is wrong that he decided to try and steal from me.

If i can tell you what is even sicker, is that my product I created for the people of south africa, to protect them and save them money with one of the keystones of the country. and hes this guy, holding onto it like Sméagol

i can tell you lots more, and even more once he has been brought to justice.

he is not an example any of us should follow, Greed, Pride Sloth wrath andEnvy, man, he might as well be little nicky 5/7

hope someone can please help me shed some light on what to do.

much appreciated.

assuring you of my prompt attention

oh, and happy thanks giving, my third thanks giving, with bread an butter and fighting off the banks, buty im nearly there for the win.

so meaning we have no replies, its ok to infringe on agreements?

I had all agreements in place, covered my T’s dotted my I’s

and no i am not an bleep,bleep of a boss, in 11 years my company has been going, I had, 3 employees leave, we only grew. I will lay my head down on a gelatin, to prove those of you rolling their eyes saying I probably deserved it, I’m surprised at the community, is this the way business I meant to lead forward, is this the kind of behavior that open source stands for? I don’t think so, then he should not have used github and disregarded agreements, like he did with mine and ring fenced MY program I paid him, to program to make and keep it to himself.

so ill put this out to the community, Ill take my ideas and put them forward here, on condition all coding is approved, we make an API that ensures all who use the code, use it responsibly and make the money they deserve from it.

I am sure that IPFS could for with 148million static nodes in the world, and that is only one traversal use I have, to help us mitigate 5g on the ground, Offer free communication where ever we go, we will give each and every human being the opportunity to earn a small living. imagine roaming the streets, hungry, switch on an app, of which it is in our benefit to make sure we have some kind of device to access the info, and immediately follow the directions, and get paid an amount that is equivalent to the task completed, i know a few engineers, that roam the streets, so not all hobos are uneducated you know, there is a level of choice or chemical imbalance.

I have the vehicle to offer just that.

I travelled the world and visited a vast amount of ancient ruins learning about human history, and taking a looong walk, thinking of how we can all make a difference in this world, what I learnt is:

  1. the longest civilizations lived by following a false god or Idol rule
  2. We need guidance and rules to live by
  3. we are communities departed, but united as humans

The Inkas were amazing and one of the longest “PEACEFUL” living scientific communities,
They believed, and it rang true due to their demise,

To live as a community we need:

  • Ayni (reciprocity among members of the community) help your neighbor
  • The yachay (knowing).
  • The munay (love).
  • The llank’ay (work).

As Individuals their values were:

  • Ama map (be honest, faithful).
  • Love khelly (be clean).
  • Ama opa (be vivacious).
  • Love Llunkhu (be worthy).
  • Ama sipiq (respects life).
  • Love maqlla (be gentle).

And The Three Immovable Laws:

  • Ama Sua (do not be a thief).
  • Ama Llulla (do not be a liar)
  • Ama Quella (do not be idle)

History is proof, why choose the easy road that we know leads to destruction. ill tell you why, because the chain reaction follows only when we pass, or moneys been made, leaving behind the ruins that dont immediately affect us. Have any of you ever watched the documentary about the invention of the T.V? ha, the company that stole the idea of the young inventor, should become a NPO and donate all of its profits to development, just to balance out the wrong injustice their founder did.

I bet you never expected this on a github portal lol, I’m that passionate about it.

make a change that starts with oneself or leave a trail of destruction?

22 people have been out of work because for what he has done, but the person who influenced him, has done this to 7 other engineers, over 18 years, I have warned, the same will be happening to him soon enough. sigh. but immediate gratification, is a silent killer.

any suggestions?

First, rarely do people reply quickly here, especially for a complex situation you find yourself in.

My two cents, I’m not a legal expert, all caveats apply.

There is no “international license consortium” or anything like that to deal with these problems. This is mostly an issue for you to take up with your local authorities. Presumably as a business legal case, assuming as you say your contracts with the offenders are watertight. You need to talk to a local business/contract lawyer.

If there is an issue with GPL and you think it could help your case, you might approach the Free Software Foundation to discuss that aspect.