Brave browser version for iOS 12.5.4


I’ve just very kindly been given an iPad 2 running iOS 12.5.4. The latest version of Brave isn’t compatible so I’d like to download an earlier version. I’ve tried to find out which version would work but no luck. I’ve found the page with all the versions on GitHub but there are loads of them and when you click on one there are downloads for source code and other stuff and I don’t understand what they are!

You’ve probably sussed by now that I have no technical knowledge whatsoever so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Wils1907, and welcome on board.

Please, when you create a post asking for support, try to provide as many links as possible to the applications you mention, so it’s easier for those who wish to help you to quickly access them (i.e. not having to Google them up):

Could you describe better how it isn’t compatible? It doesn’t install at all? it doesn’t start? or it has some problems when executing?

Release for the iOS can be found at the GitHub repository, here:

But, as you’ve already noticed these Zip archives contain only the source code, not precompiled binaries.

My best advice is to search whether someone else reported the same problem, by searching the current Issues at the GitHub repository for the iOS implementation:

You’ll find labels relating to iOS and iPad, which you can use to narrow down the research scope and results.

If you can’t find an already existing solution or explanation of the problem, you can open your own new Issue, explaining in detail your problem (provide as much useful info as possible, such as your iOS version, and how the problem manifests).

Don’t even think that! No one here knows it all, and this is a very wide field where everyone needs guidance from someone else (we all stand on the shoulders of those who preceded us). Also, as we say here in Italy, “no one is born learned!”

So, don’t let similar thoughts ever prevent you from asking something, there’s nothing to be shy of, and people here are willing to help you work your way through the complexities of this huge ecosystem that’s found in GitHub. And if anyone ever is rough on you because your are not getting terminology right, or asking apparently simple questions, then just report that user — this is a friendly and supportive community, and such discriminations are not tolerated nor taken lightly.

You’re always welcome, and don’t forget that in the open source world your time is just as precious as anyone’s else, and we appreciate you donating your time to projects that are free and open source.

Hi Tajmone

Thank you so much for your reply. When I try to install Brave from the App Store it says I need iOS 13. Because it’s and old iPad I can’t get beyond 12.5.4. One of the links you posted was the one I looked at with the source code but no binaries. I’ve done some more searching but no luck so far.

Thanks again for your help… Wils

Can’t you build from sources?

I would have thought that the Brave project might store archived copies of their older binary releases. But it’s also true that keeping an old version of a browser which can’t be updated might not be a good idea in terms of safety.

Hi tajmone

I wouldn’t have a clue about how to build from source :joy:. And I get your point about running an old version but I’m thinking an old version of Brave would make my info more secure than the latest version of something else!

I took a quick look at the instructions, and they don’t seem overtly complicated, they just require you to download a few tools:

But then, probably attempting to build an older version for iOS 12 might indeed be harder than it looks, and solving problems if compilation doesn’t work out of the box would require knowledge to fix problems. But it might be worth a try, in the worst case you had some fun attempting it.

Anyhow, it seems that the version you’re looking for is v1.24 (, because v1.25 is the one that drops support for iOS 12. (see brave/brave-ios#3369).

Try having a look at this link, you can find older versions (but I see no iOS specific release though):