Brand new to GitHub; branched from wrong branch and have mixed up commits


We use GitHub for our docs repo, and I’m brand new and learning on the job, and I’m pretty much only using the GitHub desktop app.

We’re supposed to create new branches from the “develop” branch for all our content, but today, it looks like I branched from the previous feature branch I was working on. 

As a result, my PR has mixed commits from the new content and the content from the previous branch/PR. 

What’s the easiest/quickest/most user-friendly way to untangle the mess?

Thank you!

What do you mean by PR? Have you pushed any commits outside your personal box yet? If you haven’t, then use git diff ${name_of_feature_branch} to create a patch of all the changes between now and the end of the feature branch. Then, create a new branch off of “develop”, and use git apply to apply the patch.