Brand new in Python

I don’t even know where to post. I would like to learn Python among other languages (PHP? CSS? JS?) because i am interested in website development. I have zero experience in this. I registered for a Udemy course in Python, so I am grasping the rudimentary concepts. I still cannot fathom how lambdas, nested statements, enumerators (all examples) would even begin to apply to developing a website. My question is, are there other free or cheap sources besides Udemy I can explore to start comprehending how programmers apply Python? 



Hi Lost,

There are indeed a ton of learning resources for Python. Probably the number 1 community recommendation for several years has been Learn Python the Hard Way, which is a very example-oriented approach focused on getting you to write a lot of code early.

That said, this and most other Python language tutorials will not get you close to “developing a website,” because that is a fairly specific application, whereas Python is a general-purpose language. You might need to get a little more specific about what you want to accomplish, and then pick a Python-based framework that is designed to aid with that particular goal.

  • If you want to build a personal website with text, images and hyperlinks, you may want to look into the Pelican static site generator.
  • If you want to build a full-featured web application in Python (where users sign into a profile and perform actions that change the state of things), you might want to explore the Django web framework.
  • If you want to build a service that another application would communicate with over the internet, you might want to consider a lightweight tool like Hug.

That said, learning the basics of a language is really helpful in understanding any of the tools that you adopt later, so if you have the time, I’d give your general-purpose learning as much attention as you can in the early going.

Good luck!

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