Branch cannot be deleted

I tried to rename dashing to dashing-devel on website, but then dashing is still there in the drop down menu, however if click view all branches, there is no ‘dashing’ branch.

After searching for a solution, seems what I encountered is similar to

I do not know whether this is a bug. Could anyone help with this issue?

Hi Aaron, could please check with this? thanks very much in advance.

@tianb03 hi there!

I took a peek and it looks like the rename process ran into an error when it reached the step where it tried to delete the old branch.

I’m reaching out to our git systems team to see if they can take a look at what’s preventing that branch from deleting.

Once we get that branch deleted we’ll mark the rename as finished.


@tianb03 update: this should be good to go now! If it seems to be acting up again give me a holler.

I found that the dashing branch was sticking around in the branches drop-down menu after deletion, but that turned out to be a browser caching issue and when I opened your repo in an incognito window it was not there anymore.