brain tumor Matlab


I am using brain tumor image database 3000 images in .mat format. I want to read/show these images in matlab & extract GLCM features. I am facing problem to display image from .mat format?? Any idea?

What problems/errors are you getting? What code can you show us for loading and displaying one of the images?

Hello , Thanks for reply…I tried following code–

close all;
clear all;

dirpath=‘I:\PROJECT DATABASE\1’;
type = ‘mat’;

str = [dirpath,’’,num2str(i)];
x = load([str ‘.’ type]);

mask = int16(x.cjdata.tumorMask);
img = x.cjdata.image;
t = img.*mask;


b = imread(‘a.bmp’);
c = rgb2gray(b);

I got error

Error in trrrr (line 13)
x = load([str ‘.’ type]);

I am using 3064 .mat files(database available online)… for feature extraction & classification I am trying to read these images in matlab

Even I tried to check code on mathswork–

How to save images as jpgs from .mat files struct…

but still I am unable to get…