Brackets Live Preview (local server)


for some times (some days) Brackets does not show me the live preview correctly…

actually…, I see the preview, but the path of the local file is’nt correct.

Why before he showed me  “” and now shows me the full path of the local file?

I hav’nt done anything!

P.S. my configuration…

MacOSx Sierra 10.13

Google Chrome Vers. 68.0.3440.106 (Build official) (64 bit) (without extensions)

Brackets Release 1.13 build di rilascio 1.13.0-17696 (release 49d29a8bc)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


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Hi @li-silke,

Sorry :frowning:

I wanted to ask you, if possible, delete your and my (this) answer, so the users will see the “0” counter of the answer to “0”. I think that if  they see “1” or “2” do not intervene and I remain with an unsolved problem …


Hi @cinquemiglia,

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Best of luck!

Ok Nadia, so I think I’ve got the wrong forum!
Thanks anyway.