BossBot - Action to remove clutter from Issue comments made via email

Most of the posts here are about problems or solutions in building actions, but this forum is also for sharing Actions.

I released this action, BossBot, today. I made it because a team member on a project was replying using Outlook which doesn’t use the same email chain formatting that Github collapses.

This bot checks new issue comments for email-chain junk and removes it automatically. It’s useful even with Github hiding gmail-formatted chains. (I sometimes have had to go hunting for the "view this issue on github links just so I don’t further pollute the discussion with email chain content.)

Hope the action is useful for someone else trying to run a tight ship on their development issue comments and discussion.


Nice little action! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you support Outlook as well as Gmail.

May I ask how you came up with the name BossBot?