Books for Python?

How am I supposed to find the right books for Python?

Hi! I'm Wok (not my actual name, and I'm not Chinese)! I'm new to the community and I'm a new programmer. I just finished learning JavaScript and I'm diving right into NodeJS and ReactJS which is great because I have a dream of becoming a back-end developer and I'm taking small steps to that path while taking a good balance in front-end development for websites. I just have one teeny-tiny problem.... I just finished the Python 3 course from "Codecademy" (a.k.a. the website where the developers and content-creators flex their skill rather than teach and explain elements in the language) and I still don't get Python. SO... I have a problem. I've been looking for good books in Python 3 that are not outdated and cheap and I can't find that "perfect" book. You get what I'm coming from? I really absorb concepts on things when it's on a book. Yes an interactive lesson is key when you want to get hands-on but I can do that on a console. So yes, any thoughts? Can anyone recommend me a good Python book? Yes, I read the documentation! It didn't do me good at all!

Hi @wokdetok,

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You can find a lot of books on For every level:

My preferred is automate-the-boring-stuff-with-python-practical-programming-for-total-beginners i think is the most useful to understand the core of python.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:  


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Look up Python on the Amazon books category, some good ones will pop up. 

There are a bunch of free python books/ebooks. I suggest “Learn Python the Hard Way”.