Bluetooth interface in latest avs-sdk(1.5 version)


I am using avs-sdk(ver-1.3) in Raspberry-pi3, the sdk is running well except bluetooth. When I am saying “alexa, connect my phone” or “alexa, connect bluetooth device bluetooth_name”  its giving the following voice:

"To use bluetooth, first you need to say  Pair my phone."

When I am saying “alexa, pair my phone”, its giving the following log:

2018-02-19 12:34:36.624 [  c] W DirectiveRouter:handleDirectiveWithPolicyHandleImmediatelyFailed:messageId=6d002b26-1986-4d04-9e8d-f0678985ee99,reason=noHandlerRegistered
2018-02-19 12:34:36.624 [  c] W DirectiveRouter: preHandleDirectiveFailed:messageId=6d002b26-1986-4d04-9e8d-f0678985ee99,reason=noHandlerRegistered
2018-02-19 12:34:36.624 [  c] I DirectiveSequencer:sendingExceptionEncountered:messageId=6d002b26-1986-4d04-9e8d-f0678985ee99

In alexa app, I didn’t add my device.

So does this mean, this sdk doesn’t has bluetooth interface or first I need to add the device in alexa application and pair the bluetooth device overthere?

And the latest version of avs-sdk is 1.5, Is this has bluetooth interface… If not, please help me to implement this.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi, I am experiencing similar issue when trying to pair my rpi Alexa device using my smartphone Alexa app. These are the error logs :

2019-02-20 11:49:59.423 [2] I DirectiveSequencer:onDirective:directive={“namespace:“Bluetooth”,name:“ScanDevices”,messageId:“61cd241a-1306-412a-9e78-92d603ae6539”,dialogRequestId:”"}
2019-02-20 11:49:59.424 [3] W DirectiveRouter:preHandleDirectiveFailed:messageId=61cd241a-1306-412a-9e78-92d603ae6539,reason=noHandlerRegistered
2019-02-20 11:49:59.424 [3] I DirectiveSequencer:sendingExceptionEncountered:messageId=61cd241a-1306-412a-9e78-92d603ae6539
2019-02-20 11:49:59.643 [2] I DirectiveSequencer:onDirective:directive={“namespace:“Bluetooth”,name:“EnterDiscoverableMode”,messageId:“9f6c9ddb-b105-46e9-b5a0-52a0bbaff690”,dialogRequestId:”"}
2019-02-20 11:49:59.644 [3] W DirectiveRouter:preHandleDirectiveFailed:messageId=9f6c9ddb-b105-46e9-b5a0-52a0bbaff690,reason=noHandlerRegistered
2019-02-20 11:49:59.644 [3] I DirectiveSequencer:sendingExceptionEncountered:messageId=9f6c9ddb-b105-46e9-b5a0-52a0bbaff690

I compiled Alexa with Bluetooth support using the the option -DBLUETOOTH_BLUEZ=ON, but with no success.

What does it mean “noHandlerRegistered” ?