Blue bell stating "you have unread notifications" but I can't see (or clean) it up

I’ve been using the notification view for quite some time, and it’s great.

Yesterday, the blue dot on the bell showed up, but when I click on it, I have no notification.
Counter on the side states 1 notification in ‘participating’, but none come up.

I know sometimes notification are hidden until I sign in to my organization with single-sign-on, but I’ve already signed out and in again to test this.

Anyone know what’s going on?


What happens when you click “participating” on the left side?

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Empty just like on the Inbox:

I’ll add - I’ve tested this on Firefox, Waterfox, Edge and Chrome - with or without uBlock origin.
This happens at my home as well as at the office - so it doesn’t seem to be related to my environment.

Looks like someone else is experiencing it.

I’ll follow up there. If a solution (or explanation) is provided I’ll update here.