Blog post: What I don't like about Github Copilot

I wrote this post with my thoughts about the Github Copilot idea:

I’d appreciate any feedback!

I agree. I think that there were many things that were done wrong with GitHub Copilot:

  1. I think they should have asked people if they wanted to give their code to the GitHub Copilot project, and have some rewards if they said yes.
  2. They also should have some way to make the code that they got from the Public Repositories better by finding errors in the code and improve it. That would go a long way to make it work better. Like they say in data science: “Garbage in, garbage out”.
  3. I don’t think that GitHub is using the GitHub Copilot themselves, because I have been checking out the public GitHub repository and it seems that they are not writing much more code. (I know that they say that it is a work in progress, but that makes me feel even more that they are using the people who have the “Technical Preview” as guinea pigs to test out the project before they use it themselves.