Blocking Access From Specific Regions (Geoblocking)

Hello there!
I have been contacted that I might need to block my open source project OpenMower from being accessed in the US.

Is this possible in any way?

I’m sorry if this has been asked before. I have searched the docs and found nothing.

Not a GitHub employee but hoping to help…

GitHub Enterprise Cloud has IP Restrictions: Managing allowed IP addresses for your organization - GitHub Docs

Since Enterprise Cloud costs per user this may not meet your needs as an open source project Pricing · Plans for every developer · GitHub

You may be better just to host the main part of your project (the part you CAN export to the US) in so you can collaborate with contributors and put the more private components behind some kind of geoblock using web hosting and something like this: More Granular Geoblocking - Feature Request Submitting & Feedback - Cloudflare Community