I want to create Smart Contract for the certain Ethereum addresses A and B, If A call the contract send for the B let to make transaction. The recipient ( B ) must to confirm or reject it. If recipient make confirmation of this contract return answer about it to the sender ( A ), also the sender A must to confirm that he get confirmation and let sign the contract. If B reject this transaction return answer/notification about it to A.

For example: I have job “Computer Repairer”. I made statement about it on web3 supported network, with my details (job details, my name, and my eth.address). If John (who has eth.address) find this statement and clicked button “APPLY”, it must to make form (where John enter the estimated salary and some text or email) with “SEND” button. After fill that form John click “SEND” button. It must to send me notification about the verification. If I clicked or check “CONFIRM” let to know about it to John and ask him to sign this notification which will send to him from me after clicking “CONFIRM”. If John signed this notification let contract to start working.

I’m so sorry for my English. Send me any related solutions and help me to do same thing please.

Thanks in advanced…

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