BLE server with C# bLECommandAttributesRead in GLIB

Hello! I’ writing a C# application for a BLE Server, using the C# BGlib.cs found at Github.

I’m able to write a value in an attribute in the local GATT Database, but I’m not able to read the value of an attribute in the local database.

I tried it with trhe command bLECommandAttributesRead, but I don’t know how to read the response of this command

bglib.SendCommand(serialAPI, result=bglib.BLECommandAttributesRead(statusService.handle, 0));

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance



I believe this question is more suitable for this board:

Also, a lot of people that visit this forum won’t be able to help you, because they aren’t involved. If you’ve found it on GitHub you might want to directly visit the project page.

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Ok, I will look for the project page, thank you!