Blanked page after deploy on gh-pages, using travis

I really stuck in how to create a gh-pages in vue CLI 3 .

I have a project:,

I followed this instruction: travis.

So I add .travis.yml  :slight_smile:

language: node_js
 - "node"

cache: npm

script: npm run build

provider: pages
skip_cleanup: true
github_token: $GITHUB_TOKEN_Movies
local_dir: dist
 branch: master

Also I add file:

 #!/usr/bin/env sh
 # abort on errors
 set -e

 # build
 npm run build

 # navigate into the build output directory
cd dist

# if you are deploying to a custom domain
# echo '' > CNAME

git init
git add -A
git commit -m 'deploy'

# if you are deploying to https://<USERNAME>
# git push -f<USERNAME>/<USERNAME> master

# if you are deploying to https://<USERNAME><REPO>
git push -f master:gh-pages

cd -

In vue.config.js I add:

publicPath: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'
? '/Playlist/'
: '/',

Next I did a diploy by travis CI , which was successful. But when my gh-pages created I have a blanked page and errors in console.

Am I right that there is wrong Request URL? It should be: i am really confused what is wrong with this code? Any hint?

error_playlist.PNG neetwork.PNG

It looks like you solved your issue, can you tell us how you did it? I am having the same problem