Billing Spending Limit page not in dark mode

  1. Set appearance to dark
  2. Go to Billing & Plans
  3. Click the Set up a spending limit of GitHub Actions section
  4. The Dark Mode disabled


Thanks for reporting this @peaceiris! We aren’t sure how this page ended up not being supported in dark mode but are tracking the issue on our backlog to get resolved


Hello, when i go on this page, the dark mode is removed.

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Hi @sumonil - thanks for catching and sharing this! This is a known issue that we have on our backlog to fix soon.

I noticed that the dark mode isnt working in Billing section of settings.

Hi @Krrishdhaneja - thanks for sharing this with us! We are aware of the billing page issue and have it in our backlog to fix soon

when in dark mode if we go to settings/billing/spending_limit the dark mode breaks.

Appreciate you reporting this @MysticLightning2203! This is a known issue that we hope to get addressed soon :pray:

@gaknoll it looks like the page linked to the “Upgrade” button on that billing page is also broken. (

@victoryNap we had to temporarily opt out that page for the same reason. But the fix is in our backlog as well so we hope to have it resolved soon!

There is a secenario where the color theme is lost and you switch back to the light theme as long as you are on the same page. This happens as follows:

  • Enable DarkMode in Appearance
  • Do the following clickpath:
  1. Personal Settings
  2. Billing & plans
  3. “GitHub Free” => Upgrade
  4. Press “Browser Back” / “History Back” button
  5. Color theme is now light again until you leave the personal settings

Dark mode is turns to light mode when i go to Billing&plans page and click Spending limit tab.


Hi @akseyh - thanks for pointing this out! This is a known issue that we have prioritized in our backlog to get fixed soon

This page disables the dark mode too.