Billing in organization only shows total, not which repo


is there a way to see what private repo consumed the most minutes for Github Action? The /organization/<orgname>/settings/billing only shows the used minutes for all private repos.

If I want to figure out which repo might consume the most, there’s no easy way currently. I can go manually through all repos (~10) but even there, there’s no “sum” so it’s still a guessing game. Especialy if a lot of workflows are active and lots of pushed are performed.

Is there a way to get more insights into this?


  • Markus

Hello @mfn!

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently have a way to view a per-repository breakdown of Actions usage, but it is something that our Actions and Billing teams are actively working on.  You may reach out to our private support team to get more detail regarding current billing and usage for your account.

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thanks for the quick response, that’s great to hear! I think I can wait, no pressure at the moment.

Maybe I can make one more suggestion: besides an option to view a drill down on the usage, on the /actions tab itself it woul be great to (somewhere) show the “total consumed minute” of a workflow.

Currently the workflow time is the “wall time” how long basically the longest job (+ internal overhead) took, but if I was running 100 jobs each consuming 1 minute, the wall time is 1 minute but in fact I’m getting billed 100 minutes of course. This should be reflected somewhere too, because that is essentially what is being paid.


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Thank you for the detail @mfn! I’ve also added your feedback and example to the open internal feature request.

You should soon see the ability to export a CSV of your billing details in your account or Org.  That export will enable you to report on the minutes used by specific repos and other dimenions.