Big size html: not be able to view

A html file at GitHub - lennyzhlin/Winnipeg-Air-Quality cannot be shown. What is the size limitation? Any suggestion of reducing the size?

Hi @lennyzhlin, welcome to the community.
This link has some mentions of limits limits-for-viewing-content-and-diffs-in-a-repository

The file you link to is 13.5 MB in size, that is on the large size. and may not be performant even when do manage display in a browser (which you can do manually by downloading content and then open with browser).
If you look at or download the raw content of the file you will see what is using up all the same space (it seems to be data related not HTML content as such).

Thank you @byrneh.

It was my intention though to load it to my blog hosted by Netlify. I will schedule web scraping events from the data source at Netlify on a regular base, then data of 400MB will be downloaded to my repo at GitHub. With automating a rmd file, this HTML on my blog will be updated.

Is it achievable?